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If your hair could talk, what would it say to you right now? lol

NaturlbellaNaturlbella Posts: 59Registered Users
I just wanted to have a little fun...lol! If my hair could talk, right now it would say "Girl, can we try a new style, I'm tired of wearing twist-outs!" oh..."easy on the edges, that's why we're having trouble in the first place"

please share what your hair would say....just for laughs!

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  • LolaKinkzLolaKinkz Posts: 1,198Registered Users
    Heffa, I know these ppl send u this crap to try but do you really have to try it on me? You got 5mins to wash my arse or :boxing:
    BC: June 16th 2010
    TYPE: 4a/b; color treated, nml-high porosity; fine w/ med density
    :love4:Product Connoisseur:love4:

    OMG my hair wets when water touches it!

  • CerendipityCerendipity Posts: 5,091Registered Users Curl Novice
    Wench why is this crap covering me up? When will I come out and play?

    " then she sees a picture of some products and get momentarily distracted"
  • 3c4d7zwhatevs3c4d7zwhatevs Posts: 1,589Registered Users
    It would remind me to stop experimenting with products mid-work-week and ask "why in the heck did you use that dang MJ shampoo on me?"
    4a/3c curls
    Fine strands, not as densely-placed as I would like
    Ayurvedic herbs are the TRUTH
    Team Wash and Go!
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  • ttlollattlolla Posts: 948Registered Users
    Stop using me as a guinea pig, stick to my favourite conditioner and please get my eco !
  • LanishaLanisha Posts: 467Registered Users
    PLease, PLEASE don't straighten me anymore. I'm sorry! I'll be good! I was just playin! Come on, give me a cowash, I promise I won't mat up anymore! I swear! I'll do right! That flat iron gets so hoooooottt! It buuuuurns! No, no, not the Denman! Okay, i'll stop cryin! I said I'll stop CRYIN!! NOOOOOOOOOO!"
  • afrosheenqueenafrosheenqueen Posts: 5,400Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Wash me, woman! Damn!
    4a/b Texlaxed hair w/ highlights. Medium texture & high porosity.

    HG's: CJ Daily Fix, Bobeam Cheris Hibiscus shampoo bar, KC Spiral Spritz, Knot Today, CJ Rehab, KBB LL Hair Mask, Cassia, KCCC, oil blend of Avocado, Camellia, Jojoba, & Meadowfoam oils

  • annabananaliseannabananalise Posts: 1,913Registered Users
    "Deep conditioning. You've heard of it, right?"

    Oh sheesh, y'all. 'Tis my phone!
    Last relaxer: 8.4.10
    BC: 9.6.11
    when will your favs?

  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,059 Administrator
    Are you really trying to wear a WnG w/o gel and it's 95% humidity? That's really cute.
  • cocodejcocodej Posts: 1,182Registered Users
    Oh, so you think co-washing and finger detangling every day this week got out all the shed hairs and did not cause knots right? BOOOYAAWWW, how you like that one...and that one...and that one...don't test me! GET some conditioner and that paddle brush you like so much and get to work, lazy a#$! I thought we had a goal, heffa...
    James Baldwin
    A Talk To Teachers
    one of the paradoxes of education [is] that precisely at the point when you begin to develop a conscience, you must find yourself at war with your society. It is your responsibility to change society
  • KeenyliciousKeenylicious Posts: 2,320Registered Users
    I need a bath.

    On my EVO. I'm too fancy for proofreading.
  • favoritecolorblufavoritecolorblu Posts: 287Registered Users
    These comments are hilarious. Haha.

    My hair would actually stay pretty silent and just shake it's "head" at me and give me the side eye...
  • ElenaMayleeElenaMaylee Posts: 88Registered Users
    You promised to do more variety with your styles however, updos are still your staple go to. What about the braids, plaits, and twist I was promised? I know you can do them, you use to.
    Dense, Medium/Coarse Hair Strands with Normal Porosity & Elasticity

    :hello1: Life Long Natural :hello1:
    Products currently in my rotation include: Bobeam Shampoo Bars, Tresemme Perfectly Undone, Oyin Handmade Honey Hemp, Curl Junkie Beauticurls, Curl Junkie Curl Rehab, Aloe Vera Gel, KCCC, and a homemade oil spritz

  • murrrcatmurrrcat Posts: 9,596Registered Users
    I know you did not let me leave the house like this
  • tbabyytbabyy Posts: 570Registered Users
    Leave me alone!!!! Have you ever heard of protective styling???!!!!!!

    from the cellular device
    -*I can't fit into a box*-

  • SayoonSayoon Posts: 432Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Start full CG and get me a good conditioner :( stop pulling me up
  • SexychocolateSexychocolate Posts: 55Registered Users
    Dont stick your fingers in here again! And do you know what moisture is?:spiderman:
  • ninja dogninja dog Posts: 23,780Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    "Why? Why do you never learn from past mistakes? Do you even care how this damned henna makes me look?

    "Friggin' Carrot Top............"
  • CurlyElectraCurlyElectra Posts: 1,145Registered Users
    Look heaux, I'm growing as fast as I can. I'mma need you to stop yanking on me, as if I'm going to be noticeably longer in A DAY!!! Now, go drink some water, eat some protein, take a vitamin, and let me marinate on this. I GOT THIS!
    People should be willing to stand by the things they say. Or they shouldn't say them. If your opinion can't stand in the light of day...maybe it should stay in the dark...in your head?

    - AmberBrown
  • annabananaliseannabananalise Posts: 1,913Registered Users
    Look heaux, I'm growing as fast as I can. I'mma need you to stop yanking on me, as if I'm going to be noticeably longer in A DAY!!! Now, go drink some water, eat some protein, take a vitamin, and let me marinate on this. I GOT THIS!

    Definitely read this as I was pulling on my own hair hahaha

    Oh sheesh, y'all. 'Tis my phone!
    Last relaxer: 8.4.10
    BC: 9.6.11
    when will your favs?

  • BellaAmoreBellaAmore Posts: 253Registered Users
    Really? You put in a few two strand twists in the front and suffacate the rest of me with this bonnet? Bish I know you got paid yesterday, if you too lazy to finish me so we both look right the salon is right 'round the corner heffa. and i just know you werent considering a tattoo over me today. i just know...:angry3:
  • NaturlbellaNaturlbella Posts: 59Registered Users
    These are too cute and funny!!
    Blog - My Natural Black Hair Rock Them Curls Girl!
    Facebook Join the community of natural black hair women!
    Twitter - We'd love to hear your questions and views on natural black hair! :headbang:
  • applesandafrosapplesandafros Posts: 328Registered Users
    How many weeks u plan on leaving me dirty? I could care less about your homework. I need a wash. & while we conversating I don't think a daily length check is neccessary wit yo dillusional arse. Its the same length as yesterday. So please chill with the stretching.

    my phone wears the pants in this relationship.
    Almost MBL Coils
    spongy, low porosity, dense awesomeness

    Shampoo: Curly Kinks Cleansing Cream
    Rinse Out/Detangler Conditioner: Aussie Moist, V05 Strawberries and Cream, Suave Naturals Coconut
    Leave in Conditioner: Trader Joe's Nourish Spa and Giovanni Direct Leave in
    Styler: Eco Styler Krystal and Blue, Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Gel and Flax seed gel
    Sealer: Grape seed oil
    Deep Conditioner: Curl Junkie Repair Me
    Protein Treatment: Karishma and Jamilla Henna
  • FronomenalFronomenal Posts: 712Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Imma need you to wash and moisturize me ASAP! I know you have a final exam and paper but I'm suffering. *sputters of a dying, dried out afro*
    Big Chop: 12/15/08

    Shampoo: As I Am Curl Clarity Shampoo
    Conditioner: As I Am Hydration Elation Intensive Conditioner &
    Tresemme Botanique Nourish and Replenish Conditioner
    Leave-In Conditioner: As I Am Leave-In Conditioner & Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner
    Moisturizer: As I Am DoubleButter Cream Rich Daily Moisturizer
    Oils/Butters: Coconut Oil & Castor Oil
    Gels: Eco Styler Krystal Gel

    ~ iHerb Discount Code: EFE310 ~
  • daracakess101daracakess101 Posts: 68Registered Users
    Get this weave offah mee !!!!!
  • ThickHairedQTThickHairedQT Posts: 542Registered Users
    "Lookie here now. Finish taking the got dang braids out, wash me, detangle me, condition me, deep condition me, moisturize me and do the dang senegalese twists, Chop chop now, O and don't you ever leave braids in for 3 months, do that next time and I will choke you out " my hair is T'd off with me right now but I am a procrastinator
  • JFrank09JFrank09 Posts: 129Registered Users
    You do this braidout such a disservice with that half @$$ fluff job you did this morning. Scalp all showing and ish...

    I know you were rushing to get to work, but really chick? At least you got it somewhat together in the elevator...
  • Chicago KinksChicago Kinks Posts: 2,748Registered Users Curl Novice
    you need to learn to braid me with your grown a$$, take this damn hat off, let the world see how f'd up you got me looking in under here.

    vIa mY cURl TaLk ApP
    **sophisticated ignorance, I type my cuss words in cursive**

    Current Rotation (always changing): Curl Junkie Curl Rehab as my Leave-In, Blended Beauty Happy Nappy Styles, Entwine Argan Oil, Bobeam Shampoo Bars, QB CTDG and QB AHTB, UFD Curly Magic, B.A.S.K Anything.

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  • KeenyliciousKeenylicious Posts: 2,320Registered Users
    seriously... give me a bath. and not that punk ass quick wash of and two section detangle. SCRUB the scalp, and detangle in 6 or mor sections. din't think i wont leave you.
  • NaturalistaNaturalista Posts: 5,491Registered Users
    You don't have time for a deep condition, but you got time to shame n waterboard me with sulfates and mineral oil. Now I'm brainwashed n might like this stuff! Stop trynna cheapen me!
    Type: 3c with some 4a highlighted
    Low porosity thick/coarse texture. nml elasticity
    Routine: No rules, just happy hair

    Cleanse: CJDF, Prell, LUSH Curly Wurly, Bobeam
    LI/RO:BBB, CJ, SheaM, HEHIS, Garnier, KBN Shealoe, CD Chocolat, Oyin HH
    Styling: CJ, CR, UFD, Zuresh, Ecostyler,MJ
    PT/DT: BBB, CJ, Lather, MJSSB

    HUGE PJJJJJJJJ!!!!:love4:

  • FabledBeautyFabledBeauty Posts: 145Registered Users
    Im a diva and I have needs, NEEDS darn it...these celie braids youve had me in for two weeks stuffed up under this cap aint cutting it...I appreciate your half a$$ attempt to at least keep my feet protected.. but really...give me my effin condish and glycerin facial or I will go postal all up in this piece *tosses some dried ends on my shoulders...*

    Yes Ma'am.....
    Getting there slowly but surely!

    Natural Since the Beginning of January 2011!:headbang:
    Current: Full Collar Bone
    Texture: 3B/C & 4A
    Goal: APL by New Years 2013 :afro:

    See my Natural Journey on Fotki: www.fotki.com/fabledbeauty

    Current Favs<3 Taaliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream, Vegetable Glycerin and Pure Argan Oil!!!

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