Desperate for a stylist in Sydney

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So my usual stylist has always done a good enough job, but now she's convinced me to let her 'feather' my hair. . . boofy, frizzy and no curl to speak of. I hate it. I know better and I should never have let her convince me.

But I am desperate to find a salon in Sydney who really understands curly hair now that I am finally embracing it. My hair is so short that going shorter really isn't an option and at least it'll only take 6 weeks to grow out the damage - but I'm keen to find someone to try next time.

Any suggestions?

Also if anyone can recommend a product, like a supplement or something, to help hair grow faster I'd appreciate that too.


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    Was just reading your post and I see you wrote it almost a year ago, but if your still on the hunt for a decent hairdresser who is knows how to cut naturally curly hair I can recommend Lucas at Project One Hair in Chippendale Sydney. I have mentioned him in another thread on this site, anyway hope it helps.... good luck
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    Second for Lucas at Project One Hair :D
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    I also hear Lucas at Project One is great, but depends where you are and how far you want to travel. Bianca at Glitz and Glam in Neutral Bay (North Shore) does excellent and affordable dry curly cuts.
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