Wet twisting two textured hair

beastlybrittbeastlybritt Posts: 6Registered Users
Hello all.

Sooooo I'm about to do my first co-wash ever! And I read somewhere that if I'm transitioning, I should twist my hair dry because of the two this true? The last time I had a relaxer was in early September, so it's been 3 months.


  • Gabikay51Gabikay51 Posts: 11Registered Users
    I don't see why you would need to in this stage of your journey. I'm 6 months post and I let my hair airdry without twists or braids. I could see how twisting could be helpful for women who are over a year post relaxer....but it's not necessary. It all depends on preference. It definitely wouldn't hurt though....

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  • naturalgirl85naturalgirl85 Posts: 53Registered Users
    I am about 6 months post and I have heard the same thing. I have tried this and with little new growth it makes it hard for the twist to stay in. I agree with Gabikay51 I think that it is more for those that are a year post or all natural.
  • beastlybrittbeastlybritt Posts: 6Registered Users
    Yeah, I tried twists the other night, was a hot mess.
  • MusicbutterflyMusicbutterfly Posts: 51Registered Users
    You don't have to they just help to stretch hair and as a means of protective styling. They also come out diff for people like my twistout sets look great when done on damp hair but my braidouts look great on dry hair. Some people look great with wet braidouts or dry twistouts, it's diff for everyone.
  • naturalnewbnaturalnewb Posts: 193Registered Users
    While transitioning, I only twisted my hair when it was wet--I had no problems.

    As long as you are gentle with your hair and keep it moisturized, you shouldn't have any issues with wet styling. Actually, the only problem I think you might incur with wet styling on transitioning hair is that your twists/braids might unravel while wet. You can fix that with hair pins or using rollers on your ends.