Jackie Evancho On Ellen...

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Ever since the sports thread wars I have sensed a special connection between [edit] & Wile. Like the connection oil has to water. I almost can't speak of it. eyes are misting. ~asq
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    She's On PBS now, amazing, but almost unbelievable, you know? I remember when Charlotte Church first hit the scene, I just hope Jackie has better luck.

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    There's something about her that I find annoying, annoying to the point that I change the channel when she comes on.
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    mrspoppers wrote: »
    There's something about her that I find annoying, annoying to the point that I change the channel when she comes on.

    Ditto, especially because she's local to me and get frequent play on local outlets. Young kids getting pimped out bugs me.

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    Don't get me wrong I like Jackie but my big problem with her is when she sings I can't understand the words... I get every couple and then I don't...

    Jackie Evancho - Dream With Me - YouTube

    I can't remember if Charlotte was like that?
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    I worry about her voice in the future. I think she's manufacturing a lot of her sound. I could make myself sound much more mature than I was at 11 as well, but I did it by manipulating my voice. From a vocal health perspective, It's not bad to modify your sound like that every once in a while (like fooling around with friends), but doing it on a regular basis almost always damages the voice over time.
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