Tips on baby care?

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As time goes on, I'm becoming a better baby-whisperer. I'm starting to understand my little boy,Nicholas, a little better.

I learned he is happiest when he is fed but not too stuffed, when he is warm, when he is freshly diapered....if any of these are off, he cries like he's being tortured.

All that seems common sense, but I thought he was well-rested when he wasn't. I thought he was warm enough when he wasn't. I got the diaper thing down...that's the only thing I was good at...I thought he was well fed, when he wasn't.
Now, I am making sure he is warmer, more fed (put more in bottle than I think he needs; he'll let me know if he wants it all or not), put him in his crib swaddled up when he's tired...snoozing in the living room on a bassinet isn't cutting it anymore for him. That's okay for a ten minute nap or so, but then he wants to either get up and do something else or he's really tired and just wants to go to bed (his crib in his room).

I am getting it...I'm slow, but I'm getting it.
I'm also feeling more confident that maybe I can juggle baby and work when January gets then he'll be 12 weeks old and he'll probably be an even easier baby to deal with.

I am loving, so so so loving his smiles and some cooing he's starting to do. He melts my heart. I loved him, I am in love with him.

I still have two problems...

1. I'm afraid at night...with the heater on...and the swaddling...that he is getting too too hot. That can't be good for him. My husband puts him to bed and now he finally understands what I mean by making sure he doesn't have a lot of clothing under the swaddling (it's a swaddle zipper onesie kind of thing we put him so cute)...but still...even with minimal clothing...he may still be too hot...especially since the heater is on now. ugggh.
Could that be doing damage (brain damage or some other kind of damage to him) by overheating him? I hope not.

2. How can I make his bathing experience better? I am stupid and used to bathe him on an empty I was afraid he might poop in the, I understand that was part of the reason why he was crying so much...he was HUNGRY! So, I made sure he was fed before...and that helped...I put a warm rag on his belly and that helped...but last night...even fully fed and a warm rag on his belly, he screamed and cried louder than ever. It was like he was being tortured. It dawned on me that maybe it was too soon after a feeding...and although I burped him...maybe he still needed more burping. My fear was that he would fall asleep and then miss his bath time...that's why I did it so soon after his feeding. Lately, he's been feeling more sleepy after feedings...I think its the heater and the warm clothing making him more sleepy lately.
I might've been better off letting him sleep for a few minutes and then bathing him?? I can see that irritating him too, though.
I dunno.
Any tips on making bathing more pleasant would be greatly appreciated. Only twice was I able to bathe him with little to no crying...all the other times, he screamed like he was being tortured.
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    It sounds like to me that he doesnt like to have his clothes off. You may be surprised to hear this but some kids hate to wear clothes, and others are the opposite. You will probably have to bear through it because it only takes 10 to 15 minutes. Does he straighten up after, when he's dressed or wrapped? That could be it:wav: maybe.
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    Yes, he straightens up afterwards...he is very forgiving of my stupidity...that's for sure.
    I feel so bad that he has to go through that...I only bathe him 2-3 times a he seems too young to bathe everyday. I feel like he thinks his mommy is torturing him...however, after he is clothed and warm, he is a loving, forgiving, smiling baby.
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    Some babies just don't enjoy baths when they're newborns. Neither of mine did. Once they could sit up a little better and splash around a bit, they loved bathtime, but until then, it was screaming-bloody-murder time. I just tried to get then clean as quickly as possible and bundle them back up.

    Of course, now they both want to run around naked and I have to chase them down to get dressed...LOL

    Does he seem really sweaty and flushed when he wakes up or is he just "sleepy warm?"
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    Don't worry he's only reacting to whats natural for him. He will grow out of this. Soon bathing will be fun, its just a stage. He may be a little frighten, it will get better. How old is he?
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    My first hated being bathed when she was a newborn. She would scream bloody murder from the time we took her clothes off until we put them back on. At some point I moved a space heater into the bathroom and got it nice and toasty before I brought her in to get bathed. That seemed to help.

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    A friends baby hated to be bathed and she started wrapping him in a receiving blanket during bath time. She would pull back a side at a time to wash him, but then wrap it back over him while she did the other side.
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    Congrats on the baby! I had a baby boy on October 18th :). I know what you mean about you "getting it". I am starting to understand his cries better now too, and he is at such a beautiful stage now - he's smiling and cooing. I'm loving it!!!

    My boy loves bath time. I usually bathe him after a feeding, but not right after. I wait a little bit so he's not on a full stomach. This is what I do:

    1. I take off all his clothes (except the diaper) and wrap his body in a towel.
    2. I wash his face first then his hair. Then I dry his head.
    3. Then I take the diaper off and put him in the tub and splash some water on his body so he doesn't get cold. He seems to like that. Then I bathe his body.

    Not sure if this is how you bathe him, but you could try it this way. Good luck!
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    Lots of little babies don't like baths. It's cold, it's shocking. It'll get better with time. Until then, just be quick. It should only take a few minutes to bathe a baby. They have hardly any hair, and how dirty can their little bodies get? Swish swish, you're done, wrap 'em up.

    And poop in the tub isn't the end of the world, so I wouldn't withhold food for that worry.

    I wouldn't worry about overheating him when he's sleeping. Keep his head uncovered and his loose blankets to a minimum. If your house is a reasonable temperature at night, a fleece pajama snuggly thing over a diaper and t-shirt should be fine, with 1 blanket over top of him.
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    Good ideas about bath time...thanks everybody.
    RCW, I'm glad you responded. IIRC you are a nurse and I value your opinion regarding this. I turned down the temp last night, so his room wouldn't get so hot...that seemed to work well.
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    I really liked those nightgowns with the ties on the bottom to sleep in. Keeps them warm like a blanket and easy access for diaper changes.
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    Honestly, I think you might be overthinking this.

    1. Some babies just dont like water ds1 screamed the entire first year during bath time. Now we have to drag him out. Dd loved baths but now ds2 hates them. Like rcw is a few minutes...and if he poops you clean it up.

    2. Unless he is sweating excessively, dont worry. Ds2 and dd are both hot kids. I still swaddle(d) them and put them in sleepers under.

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    There is a concern of overheated babies & SIDS, buy they don't know 100% cause

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    I notice when I swaddle Nicholas, he sometimes has difficulty crying. I know one of the reasons to swaddle is to soothe a crying baby. I swaddle him due to his reflex responses...his movements can be so jerky and it wakes him up too much.
    I walked in on him trying to cry but it was more of a silent cry. He didn't know I could see him. I wonder how many times he has cried, I didn't hear him, and therefore was unable to respond to him? I guess I'm implementing the Ferber method unintentionally.
    What is that about? Does his vocal cord get so relaxed due to the swaddling that he has difficulty making a sound when he cries? Sometimes he can cry loudly, so it isn't every time. Its odd. The past few nights, since noticing, has bothered me that I would randomly check on him and make sure I went in there for any soft noise he would make. A few times he was crying...but just softly or no noise at all.
    That concerns me.
    I have to admit that I tried a different approach last night and I feel a little guilty. I NEEDED sleep. I didn't respond to every little noise (like I used to do before discovering that some of those little noises were actual cries)...I didn't respond to any, unless I was already out of my bed anyways. I have to sleep was much much better...but I feel bad. I'm sure I ignored some cries that probably needed to be tended to.

    But then I think...if it is important enough, won't he conjure the strength to eventually cry louder? I think he has done that before...but right now I cannot be so sure of anything.

    Some input about this would be appreciated.

    Also, is it really necessary to discard unused formula or breast milk from his bottle after only an hour (hour after he starts drinking from it)? I know his spit has bacteria in it and leaving it out can increase bacteria...but an hour? I was really strict about following that guideline for the first 5 weeks of his life, I guess. (He's almost 9 weeks old) I noticed my husband thought it was a silly rule and not follow that rule. Granted, neither of us leave it out for a long long time...but 2-3 hours...we've done that. Is that really that bad? I'm curious. I will stop if it is harmful to my child.

    He will get his two month immunization shots Tuesday. What OTC medication should I get, just in case it causes him to get a fever?
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    Also, also...I know, I know...I'm getting annoying now.

    Also...what about monitors, TVs, etc? I have a baby monitor in his room...are the radio waves bad for him? I have read a site that suggests it is, but it could be alarmist. I still use it. I will ask his doc next week, along with all these other questions...but I'm still curious.
    He has a swing in the living room that he loves (its like a reclining chair that swings)...due to the set-up of our living only fits close to the TV. He isn't facing it, but is it bad for him to be close to it (not concerned about his sight, as he isn't watching it from there)...I'm more curious if it lets off any kind of waves that might be bad for him...or if the sound is bad for him. I don't watch the TV on a loud husband (I think he's partially deaf) puts the TV on louder than I like. Nicholas doesn't seem to bothered by it. He was tested when he was born...he has excellent hearing. Granted, the TV isn't full blast loud, but a little louder than I personally would like it. Should I be worried when his father (my hubby) is watching TV and Nicholas is swinging?

    Inquiring minds wanna know.
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    If he's just making little noises, I wouldn't consider that crying. It sounds like he's self-soothing at night sometimes and getting back to sleep on his own. That is a good thing.

    Swaddling doesn't prevent babies from crying, so I wouldn't worry about that. :) You could try putting him to sleep without swaddling and see how it goes. Babies outgrow the need to be swaddled at different times. If he still swats himself in the face or jerks around and wakes himself up, go back to swaddling for a couple more weeks and then try again.

    I never used a monitor because our house was all on one floor and I could hear the babies easily from the rest of the house. But, I don't think they're dangerous. I wouldn't worry about the TV volume or radiation either. The guidelines recommend no television for children under 2, but that's to aid their development (language, cognitive, social, etc.). The most important thing is that babies get lots of interaction with their caregivers.
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    I wouldn't do any blankets in the crib at all - maybe I am overly paranoid about SIDS because I had a sibling die but I think that's considered a no no these days. I had a January baby in New England, and I just bumped up the heat to 70 and put her in a long sleeved onesie and a fleece sleep sack or a onesie, socks and a miracle blanket/swaddler and she always seemed to be warm enough.

    I swaddled my daughter for the first 6 months (she was a swaddling addict) and she sure never had any problem crying in it, ha.
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