Moisture or Repair? Help!!!

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This is my first time transitioning, and I will continue to get regular haircuts until the relaxed hair grows out completely. I am now about four months into my transition and I am having a hard time figuring out what my hair really needs. Do I need moisture or do I need repair? My hair type is somewhere on the 4 scale, and I do not necessarily want curls, I just want to be relaxer free. Right now I use Aveda's Brilliance as a shampoo and the restructuring conditioner along with their leave-in conditioner and glossing gel. I also use their brilliance oil mixed with olive and jojoba oil daily . I do blow-dry and flat-iron my hair every time I wash which is about once per week (a little less frequently if I am being lazy). I live in southern VA, so the winters are not too harsh. I need new conditioner and I have been going back and forth between their Dry Remedy and Damage Remedy lines. I can't quite decide which one I would need more going forward. I usually get the giant liter bottles, so I would hate to be stuck with one of those if it is not what I really need for my hair. I do tend to stick with Aveda because their products have worked well for my hair thus far.

Any help, suggestions or tips will be greatly appreciated.


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    It soulds like you need to impart more moisture into your hair routine. I did not read anywhere that you were doing reguarly deep conditioning treatments with heat. Try Giovanni Smooth as Silk deep mositure conditioner with some oils and 30min-1hr under the dryer to see if that will help you. Be careful with the restructuring conditioner, those tend to be protein based. You could have a protein overload which takes weeks of deep conditioning and moisture to help. Use some suave products to condition you hair with as well. They are cheap and curly girl approved.....HHJ
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    I agree that you need to impart more moisture into your hair, but you need to maintain a certain level of protein so long as you have relaxed ends, or you'll start to get breakage at the line of demarcation. Why don't you buy 16oz of both the Dry Remedy and the Damage Remedy rather than going all out for just one? Who have two types of hair on your head, and they have different needs. And if you're going to flat iron your hair regularly, then you definitely need to make sure that you have sufficient protein in it, else you run the risk of breaking off the relaxed hair and damaging the natural hair.

    Why don't you try alternating conditioners for a while and see how your hair responds, and go from there? Good luck.
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    Thank you both for the replies. I got the Dry Remedy conditioner, and I will use that with the Damage Remedy Leave-In, that I already have. I hope that works to give each type of hair what it needs.