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Hey guys,
I normally have my hair short but have been growing it out... I have 2c type hair (it's pretty thick) and I have no idea how to style it... How do I dry my hair when I get out of the shower so it doesn't get all frizzy and poofy? Likewise, what sort of shampoo and conditioner would you recommend I should be using for my hair?



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    Hey nadalno1, I have a drastically different hair texture (Type 4ish) BUT I think the basics still apply. I would recommend air drying your hair and using a conditioner like Tresemme Naturals or Aussie's Moist conditioner. They're pretty available at most drug stores and pharmacies. Good luck and welcome!
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    thanks for the great answer,

    i'll give it a try, sounds right to me :)


    thanks again and have a great year you all!!

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    cheers !!

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