What kind of Oil would help?

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Hi All,

I have 3a type curls and a lot of products just seem too heavy for my hair, like gels, curl cremes,etc. I have used Moroccan Oil (which I discovered has yucky stuff in it) and don't want to use it anymore but it doesn't weigh my hair down. I use Paul Mitchell mousse and it works pretty good (I looked up the ingredients and it seems ok). I have a Pureology smoothing elixir that I put on when my hair is almost dry and it leaves it really nice but I looked up the ingredients and it has cones in it and a bunch of junk that I don't know what it is. The label is so small it is hard to read and the ingredients aren't listed online. I am wondering if there is a nice natural oil or something that I can use on my hair that will take away the frizzies and not be super heavy.


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    Try jojoba oil, a lot of curlies use it &it's very light! It should also help w/ your frizz IF you put it under AND over your styling product.

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    Thanks! I bought some Jojoba today at the health food store. I bought a small bottle to try it.

    What other things do you like to use?

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    My favorite is almond oil...used by the Egyptians :) Light the scent isn't overwhelming like some others. I uses it nightly in the summer but I am 3B and need a lot of moisture.

    Almond oil has great benefits for the skin too
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    Product: Whipped Shea Butter, Ecostyler Gel with Argan or Olive oil

    GROWING IT ALL OUT Naturally (no sulfate, silicones, parabens, or hydrogenated oils)

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    thanks I have some of this too. I will try it.

    I put the jojoba oil on when my hair was dry and it did not make it too greasy and seemed to like it. I tried it this morning after I wet my hair down and it might have been a bit much. I guess I just have to experiment.

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