What am i doing wrong? Greasy underneath.

Hi, since finding this site i decided to try out a shampoo free method and this seemed to work well and give my hair more ringlets. I've been using only conditioner, letting it air dry and was using gel spray while it was damp. Recently i have started using only conditioner and no gel which seems to work just as well.
My problem is that when i pull the top layer of hair back or clip it partly back the underneath of my hair is very greasy looking. I don't know what i'm doing wrong or how to improve this. The top layer is fine, it's just underneath.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks :p


  • nattykinsnattykins Registered Users Posts: 14
    I would think that it could be due to not enough friction during co-washing? Make sure you are scrubbing your whole scalp and not just the top with your fingers!

    Also, after a greasy sort of day, I added a spoonful of brown sugar to my co-wash conditioner and it helped a lot :)

    I'm still new to co-washing, though so some people may have better ideas
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  • EmbracingcurlyEmbracingcurly Registered Users Posts: 6
    Thanks, i do try to scrub all over but possibly do scrub the top more. Will try the brown sugar and let you know how i get on. :happy7:
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    I am a huge fan of brown sugar scrubs. I usually do that once a week (followed by a low-poo) and do one other low-poo during the week. I do martial arts and my hair is a sweaty, dirty, greasy mess after 1-2 hours of training (4-5 days a week). I find that right now I can do 2-3 co-washes, but then I need a low-poo (2nd day hair is only an option once or twice a week if I don't train). And if you were using sulfates before, your scalp will need a few weeks to adjust to your new, more gentle routine. HTH.
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