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So after 14 months of being a SAHM, I am heading back into the workforce. Reina will be 2 in January and I was planning to wean her by 2. Because of the job I want to start earlier. Right now, she nurses when she wakes (10 minutes if that), when she gets home from daycare (5 minutes), before she goes to bed (10 minutes), and once at night. Not even an hour a day. This is all based on her asking. I stopped asking her if she wanted to 'eat' a while ago. We have settled into this routine, which makes life a lot more difficult since she wants me as soon as she wakes up and as soon as she gets home. Any tips?
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    Personally, I'd just let her continue nursing. Terrible Two's are coming up, and nursing is the best way to soothe a savage beast/toddler. And it's a nice way to reconnect with a toddler when you all get home from work...and the relaxation hormones from nursing are good for you too after a hard day's work.
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    Agreed with RCW - I don't really see what the problem is with the amount of nursing you described. If you're wanting to wean because you need to to get pregnant or for medical reasons or something, I'd make the effort, otherwise I think you'll have new hassles trying to wean as opposed to letting it happen on its own.

    I, however, have no experience with this as #1 completely self-weaned the month of his third birthday and #2 shows no interest in solids at almost 7 months so is still a way from weaning.
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    Im not sure why it seems to be a problem. Are you concerned because you won't be there at the times she normally nurses? It might just be a way she connects with you while you're there and if you aren't it may not even bother her if you aren't. I'd wait and see if problems arrive after you start the new job.

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    Colin will be 2 in January as well.. and frankly as much as he enjoys it I am getting tired of doing it.... So I plan on starting to wean come January..

    I have a major complication to weaning though since Colin has such a major speech delay he screams bloody murder when I tell him "no" to nursing.. I end up giving in..

    My schedule is:
    I nurse for a bit in the AM (maybe 10-15 min)
    Nap time nurse... (10-15 min)
    Bedtime Nurse (20 min)

    I sit in the chair to watch TV and he tries to lift my shirt to nurse it drives me nuts!

    He eats well all sorts of foods and liquids so he's well nourished..
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