Colouring Hair After going CG

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Hello =)

I've been mod CG for about 6 months and I desperately need to colour my hair. This will be done professionally. Do you guys have any tips or tricks to help minimize damage?


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    I have the same question, I wish someone would answer :(
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    Deep condition afterwards to relieve dryness? a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance :blob7:
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    That's what I'm thinking. Thanks.

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    Care of hair color has a lot in common with caring for curls. Avoiding sulfate shampoos helps preserve color. Moisturizing conditioners help offset the dryness hair color can cause. You may want to use conditioners that are specifically for color treated hair. Wearing a hat and avoiding a lot of exposure of your hair to sun helps to prevent fading too.

    Good luck!
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