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Ok so I was thinking about trying henna out and I found this website that sells it for a good price. The website is ayurnaturalbeauty.com and they sell Godrej Nupur henna powder. I was wondering if this is body art quality henna? I need to know because I plan on dyeing my hair as well as do henna treatments. Thanks for your help!


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    Wellll...It doesn't say that it's Body Art Quality, but reading the product info, it says that it contains all these herbal additives and then the henna is 100% Rajasthani Henna. The Rajasthani Henna they sell on their site they say is BAQ, but just to be sure, I'd e-mail their customer service and get it in writing that the Godrej Nupur henna powder you want to purchase contains BAQ henna in it. It could still be 100% pure Rajasthani Henna, just a lesser quality.

    Sorry, I'm a skeptic. If it were me, I'd shell out the extra $3 per 100 g and make sure I were getting the BAQ and not worry about all the extra herbal additives. I personally trust Mehandi.com more because they tell you what the dye content is on the lot and if there is any lead content, pesticides, etc. Yeah, you pay slightly more (like $8 per 100 g instead of the $6.99 per 100 g for the straight BAQ henna, but it's guaranteed free of lead and pesticides. Product is from the same region, I believe...They're both called Rajasthani anyway).

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    Nupur henna is a good one. It's 100% henna PLUS other herbs. While the conditioning effect of the henna will be a good one, if you are also hennaing for the color effect this might not be the best brand for you to try. Since this brand of henna also contains amla the dye intake will decrease.
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