Pravana keratin fusion treatment

Has anyone gotten this done? im thinking of getting it done but want more information on it.


  • rovergirlrovergirl Posts: 22Registered Users
    Not exactly what you asked - but I had the Pravana Perfection Smooth Out done about mid October. LOVE it.
    I'll keep doing it and hopefully they'll never quit making the stuff.
    Looks like the one you are thinking about leaves your hair straight all the time.

    The Smooth Out lets you wear your hair curly or straight/wavy or stick straight.
    I love that I can wear my 3B curly still but it's not frizzy and it hangs down a little longer - just what I wanted.
    Or I can blow dry it on low heat while I just comb or finger comb it and it winds up "straightish" - not quite wavy....I actually like that best as I get more days from that style before it needs to be washed than I do when I let it air-dry/diffuse it curly. Go figure.

    Anyway - not quite what you asked - but if you want to be able to wear it curly or straight - check out their Perfection Smooth Out.
  • curlz12345curlz12345 Posts: 16Registered Users
    Thanks i was wondering about that one too :) . So far for the Keratin fusion thing I learned that you can wear it curly or straight but it last longer than the regular keratin treatment. Some websites call it like the permanent keratin and others say it only last 4-5 months. Im just wondering how loose my curls will be since im a 3b girl