Curly Love - Do You and Your Significant Other Look Alike?

Hey there, Curlies! Tracey here!

So, inspired by a recent visit to the Satorialist - seriously, if you don't know what that is and you even kind of like fashion, click that link! - which featured a pair of couples in Tokyo who were soooo PERFECT for each other, I thought - whoa wait! According to like, the whole world, couples are often attracted to each other based on similarities - and throughout the relationship end up looking more and more like one another - so for us curlies, do we date men who look like us? Right down to the natural hair on our heads?

I can't say that I don't! See the picture below is me and my (EX)boyfriend from a few years ago - my last boyfriend to say the least - and um, despite all of our not-alike-at-all issues, we did have the same hair! (I'm just now realizing...)

So ladies, you tell me - and please send me pictures too! ([email protected]) - do you date men who look like you?

Me and the Ex (Sorry for the weird backside photo - but you can see our hair here best!) Ah, La France -


  • JewelCurlsJewelCurls Posts: 191Registered Users
    I've never dated a fellow curly. It has nothing to do with the hair. I tend to be more attracted to personality than looks, so my previous dudes all look very different from one another, though. My husband, while not a curly, is extremely supportive of my hair, and understands its role in my life in a way that only fellow curlies seem to, though, and I think that makes a difference.
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  • jeepcurlygurljeepcurlygurl Posts: 20,727Registered Users, Curl Ambassador Curl Virtuoso
    I've dated lots of men over the years and they have all been very different.
    My current 2 boyfriends happen to both be curlies -
    One of them was a 3B redhead in his youth, now his hair would be white but he shaves his head.
    The other has 3B salt/pepper hair. When we met he had mid back length hair and people thought we were siblings. Then he got a cop cut last year which I hated. But after much grumbling from me he is letting it grow again.
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  • KookyCurlKookyCurl Posts: 1,980Registered Users
    My BF would be a curly (2bish) if he let it grow. Thankfully he does not, he's an ashy ginger and when it grows it does not flatter his face at all! He's got a bit of a round face so a closer cut makes him look better and younger. It gives his head shape. He also has no idea how to use product and is a simpler the better kind of guy so it suits him.

    Other than that we are very similar. He's only a few inches taller than I am. We both are on the heavier side. We also have similar senses of humor and interests. There are enough differences that keep things interesting and complement each other.
  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    ive heard of that too, an although my boys got short straight hair, n im curly, we do have the same eyes and lips....... so that could be it as well :)

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  • IAgirlIAgirl Posts: 2,540Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    DH and I both have "wavy curls." Lemme see if I can get a picture tomorrow when I'm not in pigtails and it's not snowing and dreary. One of the many things that endeared him to me was the fact that we both cut our own hair and both have cowlicks and summertime frizz :) We're also both built kind of "wiry" and pretty nimble which is great because we like to work and play actively. Also both a bit bookish and very talky.
    He's tallish and dark complected, I'm shortish and blonde. He lets me style his hair and yes, we can practically read each other's minds, we've picked up some of each other's mannerisms. And he keeps mistaking my socks for his.
  • laynesavedthedaylaynesavedtheday Posts: 239Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My bf has stick straight hair, but I think he loves that my hair is the complete opposite of his. Crazy wurls and fire engine red. He definitely supports my crazed obsession with curly hair and has learned to love my "natural" days.
  • Lucky CharmLucky Charm Posts: 1,250Registered Users
    DH and I look nothing alike. My past boyfriends didnt have much in common looks wise. They have all been thin with dark hair, not that I'm necessarily attracted to just thosetraits, its just the way it worked out. My DH says his hair has a wave if it gets longer, but at its current short length it is stick straight.
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  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I've dated mostly non-curly men but that's mostly because statistically they were in greater supply in my area.

    I've seen opposites attract just as often.

    What I do guess might be true is: if couples stay together long enough they may tend to have merging tastes and shared emotional experiences, such that their facial expressions and body language can possibly mirror one another's. Their faces can reflect all that in things like similar smile lines or other expressive wrinkles in similar places, especially if they stay together long enough to do a lot of aging together.
  • frizzinflafrizzinfla Posts: 190Registered Users
    My hubby and I are complete opposites in all areas, except we both have long, curly hair. Despite my dissertations to him about CG (no sulfates, no cones) he still uses Pantene products. So, his hair may be longer, but my hair is healthier (and I'm more enlightened) :-)
  • creativelicensecreativelicense Posts: 422Registered Users
    My boyfriend probably has somewhat curly hair, it's just never long enough to tell. One of my best friends on the other hand has (or rather had before he shaved his head, the horror) 3b curls that were as long as mine. I can send a picture of the last time we saw each other and were hair twins.

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  • oh.hi.its.stephoh.hi.its.steph Posts: 640Registered Users
    Haha, in a way, boyfriend and I do look alike! His hair is currently the same color as mine, lol. Our hair is similarly wavy-flippy And we're almost the same height, he's like 2 inches taller, but close enough! We also have the exact same sense of style...
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  • SayoonSayoon Posts: 432Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Lol no not at all
    Am curly hez slick straight
    Am White n hez black
    Am shorty n hez super tall
    I hv chubby cheeks but his face is long
    I hv colored eyes n his r dark
    Lol so yea even the personalties r super different :)
    They say opposites attracts :D
  • TraceWallTraceWall Posts: 22Registered Users
    Totally agree! Opposites definitely attract! I love Korkscrew's comment - I never thought about how similar shared emotional experiences overtime will show on the face - making you look like one another!

    As far as my guy friends - I've taken on a new hobby with getting the ones with longer hair to wear it curly. It isn't that they blow dry it straight or anything - but you hand them some curly product and show them how to "scrunch" it and their faces light up! Love bringing curly glory to the male scene - it is much needed!

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