Confused between CO-Washing and Conditioning product steps

I have been following CG since last Wednesday and have a few questions. Using the classification at, I have wavy hair (maybe a combination of Type 2A/Type 3A) and I am experimenting with different types of CO washings.

Trying to find out which would be best to do.

When CO-washing, if you use a light CO product (like VO5 Strawberries and Cream Conditioner) do you only use it that product to scrub/massage your scalp (Step 2) then use a "heavier" conditioner to on the rest of your hair (for Steps 3 and 4)? And after that rinse? Or do you follow CG steps for wavy hair (replacing the shampoo with the light CO-wash conditioner so following Steps 2 and 3, rinse then use the heavier conditioner in Step 4)?

Sigh - I guess this sounds so "mechnical" to you all more experienced GCs. I am trying to put this into perspective based on the book.

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  • HalfWavyHalfCurlyHalfWavyHalfCurly Registered Users Posts: 907
    Hi Karen, welcome to this forum, I hope you feel at home here.

    Just in case you haven't done it yet, allow me to encourage you to explore all of the "Newbie" section, there you can find answers to FAQs, definitions of abbreviations frequently used here, and other helpful info. Since you say you've been "lurking" for a bit perhaps you've already noticed there are tons of good articles on "Curl411" and all around the site so I hope you will take advantage of all of that!

    Your question was a good one. Ideally, one CO may be used for both but sometimes the hair needs demand more or less conditioning. If your hair has not been colored and is in good condition it may be enough for you to keep using the one you started out with. The "modified CG" routine which includes occasional shampooing is recommended for people for whom CO washing is not enough. Some here continue to shampoo (but much less frequently) for a different number of reason. From what I read in your introduction post you say CG has been "so far so good" for you, so I wouldn't change anything, as the book says it really takes about 2-3 weeks for the hair to fully respond to CG, that's the average time it takes to rehydrate the hair.
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  • Karen LouiseKaren Louise Registered Users Posts: 3
    Hello HalfWavyHalfCurly -

    Thank you so much for the response! I will continue with what I am doing now for the next couple of weeks to see how it goes over this initial change period.

    A Wavy CG since 01-10-07

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