spinoff: Jewel karaoke prank

juicyfruitjuicyfruit Posts: 751Registered Users
SGC's thread about needing a disguise reminded me of a prank the singer Jewel did. She disguised herself with a wig, a different nose, and butt padding and went out to a karaoke bar. There she went on stage and sung her own songs wearing that disguise.

Undercover Karaoke with Jewel from Jewel, Eric Appel, Antonio Scarlata, Funny Or Die, BoTown Sound, and Ally Hord


  • CanItBeChristineCanItBeChristine Posts: 6,343Registered Users
    I really like her (and her husband!) They seem like very nice, normal people.

    That was funny!
  • juicyfruitjuicyfruit Posts: 751Registered Users
    I like them too! It was funny.

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