Side swept bangs?

If you have them, do you wear them wavy, curly, or straight? My hair is always parted on the side, but goes back without any fringe. I'm noticing how cute other people's side-swept bangs are. I wonder if it would work with wavy/curly hair. If you have them, please share how you style them. Bonus if you have a photo!
Hair: tight waves to loose curls. Thick. Coarse. Dry. Natural redhead until bright white strands popped out. Color with FramColor now. Shampoo: alternate Phytojoba with Cowash: Suave coconut, Paul Brown or those that didn't work well as a conditioner. Conditioner: can't find one heavy enough. Product: Aveda Brilliant Humectant Pomade. DT: Coconut Oil


  • chicabellezachicabelleza Registered Users Posts: 82
    I always have side swept bangs because of my face shape & I like them wavy. I set them after washing by braiding them into 4 or more small braids & pinning them on the side I want them to lay. I unbraid after it's dry & vóila <---(idk if I spelled that right) it's perfect. Haha HTH :)

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  • jlpmom23jlpmom23 Registered Users Posts: 755
    Mine are always side swept too. After I wash my hair and put in product, I position them the way I want them w/ a duckbill clip and airdry for a bit before diffusing the rest of my hair. Sometimes they turn out perfect, other times I need a little help from my mini-flat iron, which is awesome for bangs. I got it free w/ purchase from Sally's, it's this wee teeny little flat iron that I almost threw away, but it is perfect to get the bangs I want.

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