Please recommend oil-free, glycerin free alternatives to Deva

Hi, I've been getting so confused going through the old posts about what else to try. I'm 3B, fine curls--I love the way my curls look with Deva but lately, to my shock, it seems to be drying my hair. I've actually noticed split ends for the first time in YEARS--plus the oil and glycerin in it seems to fade out my Robert Craig hair color sooner than I'd like!

I know a lot of you started with Deva and then moved on to other products, but I'm totally confused what to try next. Can anyone help? Hair Rules? Mop Top? ANything?

Thanks, thanks, thanks,



  • rbbrbb Posts: 4,355Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    look at people's signature, what they are using and what their hair properties are. find someone whose hair is similar to yours and maybe start there?
    i, personally, always recommend curl junkie, i feel there is something for all hair types in the cj line, and it is sooo moisturizing. you only need small amounts, not the palmfuls i used to use with deva! plus, you can buy curl junkie on
    you can go to the curljunkie website and click on the selection guide for a start. the owner, marsha, is extremely helpful if you email her.

    i am sure others will chime in with their favorite products. good luck!

    3a, some 2c & 3b, medium texture, porosity normal, low elasticity :-(
    washing/cowashing, conditioning, protein tx: curl junkie products
    leave in:curl junkie conditioners and treatments as leave in
    styling: curl junkie 
    sealants - jane carter nourish & shine
  • CurlycarolineCurlycaroline Posts: 60Registered Users
    Thank you for the tip and the suggestion!!
  • riotkittyriotkitty Posts: 1,307Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I used to be a Deva die hard until one dry winter it just stopped working and I switched to Kinky Curly. When Deva changed the formula, I tried it again and it made my hair feel fried.

    These days I'm discovering the wonders of Curl Junkie.
    Have several allergies and sensitivities.
    Current products
    Low Poo/Cowash: Rio Grande Herb Co Negrita and Amole Deep Treatment Concentrate, Magick Botanicals (MB) Shampoo (diluted)
    Rinse out/Leave in: MB with apricot kernel and jojoba oils added
    Protein Treatment: MB Conditioner for Thinning Hair, IAgirl's protien treatment
    Style: MB Gel mixed with LOTD Aloe Vera Gelly

    2b-c, need lots of moisture, likes protein in moderation.

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