Sally Hansen's Protex Vitamin Strengthner

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I was reading an article about this nail polish that a husband had purchased for his wife, and how pleased she was with the results, and thought I might give it a try. I have been using this nail polish for about two weeks now. Its nails have been awful, just awful to look at. I have always been able to grow my nails that was not the problem, and I did not buy into getting my nails done at a salon using the acrylic because I could see for myself that that was thinning peoples nails. My nails in the past fifteen years, after my son was born... had always had ridges in them, like the potatoe chip. Well, after just using this nail vitamin strengthner for just two weeks my nails are smooth, and they look goooooood. I thought I
would always have this problem. Happy happy joy joy. :occasion5:


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    Sally Hansen | Triple Strong
    This is the stuff I use when I don't have my nails done w/ Gelish...

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    Thanks for posting this sexychoc. I'm going to try it! :icon_smile:
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    Highly porous. Color over grey.
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    Thanks for the info. I've tried so many nail strengthener. My nails are thin, weak, peel and split. They actually hurt if i don't keep something on them. So far, I have found any clear coats that help.
    Wanted to try one of the nail polishes from QVC but not at that price. Will place it on my next order.
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    You can get this at your local Rite Aid for less than ten dollars, I think I found it at Krogers for 6.99. It varies where you live, but it rebuilds the nails as well as strengthen them. I also buff them after each time I removed nail polish because a little color was still there along the cuticle. But I used it as a base and a top coat over Sally Hansens nail growth polish. I am impressed, really really impressed. They are as smooth as looking at a tub of margarine. I'm happy. I have been asking people for years how to get rid of those ridges I had, and no one had a answer. I hope you both get good results. :blob6:

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