Post your best CG hair day! :D

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I have a mixture of good and not so great days. And many days where as soon as I step out of the house my hair triples in size and looks a mess. :D

But I had one day where I had the kind of hair Ive always dreamed of having lol (I didn't go out - who knows maybe the aloe would have caused it to turn to frizz if I had).

Although - since then, Ive never been able to recreate it - even if I use the same products! Anyone else find this problem lol?

Post up your best pictures ladies - I fancy a nosy at some gorgeous curls!
(For comparison I put what my hair looked like before CG)


  • curry curlscurry curls Posts: 1,083Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    I don't have any good pics at the moment. I've been growing out a henna/indigo mess the past year. My avatar is the best pic I have. :) Hopefully, I'll have some good pics in the next few months.

    I love your hair, kat. I find myself drooling over it. :)
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