2b Starting CG tomorrow!!

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I found out that I have all the materials I need to start a CG routine without having to purchase anything yet! However I am just a wavy and not really a curly, so after a few days of co-washing with the materials I have I'll buy a low-poo (Maybe giovanni or renpure or shea moisture) and probably start using that.

I'm switching from:
Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner
Paul Mitchell Original Conditioner for Leave-in
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum/Garnier Curls Cream Gel/ Bed Head After Party

So I rummaged around and found:
Suave Ocean Breeze Conditioner (Co-wash)
Regis Design Line Olive Oil Conditioner(Leave-in)
TRESemme Bouncy Curls Gel (I think it has one water-soluble silicone? I'm ok with this.)

I also have only one packet of a silicone-free sulfate shampoo: Garnier Pure Clean. I'm going to do my last sulfate-poo with this tomorrow and then do my first real co-wash. I'll have to track my progress for the next couple of months, because college starts on Jan 23rd! By then my hair might be all -wiggles fingers- transformed. I hope.

If you have any tips for me, please leave them. Wish me luck!
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New May 20th Routine
Co-wash:VO5 KiwiLime or VanillaMint
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Styler: LALSG
Daily routine: Cleanse, LI, soak with water, scrunch in gel, plop, pixie diffuse, air dry.

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