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3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.


  • apolloapollo Registered Users Posts: 114
    Bumping ^^^^^^^
    3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.
  • apolloapollo Registered Users Posts: 114
    Bumping **********

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    3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.
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    I know I see this post a lot on different boards and I know you want to sell it but I wanted to let you know I sell on I'm sure someone will gladly pick up some of these items from you. It's safe, money is great, and it's powered by eBay but there are no auctions.

    I buy games on there all the time and I sell my DVD's there all the time as well.

    Just trying to help and give you more options.
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    Yeah, to be honest, the swap board is really for hair products, people don't come here to make "big" purchases. I mean, if you can sell it here, that would be good for you and you'd prove me wrong, but personally I would not make a big purchase like that here.
    Not trying to be mean, just trying to give you heads' up. I don't think this is the appropriate place for this type of post.
    That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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    I'm using facebook marketplace and I sold my car through there in the local market for cash. I'm also having a moving sale there. It is a great app. I believe its affiliated with I think you can arrange payment through paypal.

    Just another more appropriate alternative suggestion.
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    Thanks for the suggestions ladies. I will post it on eBay.

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    3C curly/wavy/kinky hair.

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