Is my stylist right?

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Some background:
- I've had texturized hair for about a year now.
- My hair is thin
- My hair is breaking
- Had hair in single braids for 6 years prior to getting my hair texturized
- Prior to that, I've had my hair relaxed at home and my hair broke and I had the "big chop" at age 12. Would this still be affecting my hair?

So anyway, my stylist says a reason for my hair breaking may be because I dont get touch ups on time? How in the hell does that make sense? I've read that stretching the time between touch ups is good for your hair (and that makes sense as well). But she's saying the opposite? I don't want to keep damaging my hair obviously, and I'm scared to get a weave because I dont want the braids to break my hair. It's very fragile. I understand that not texturizing my hair for a while will make it more tangled and stuff but my stylist says that when I do that, my hair breaks at the point where new growth touches the texturized hair...which I am calling BS because that is NOT the point at which my hair breaks...It's after that point...

Anyway can anyone give my some input on my stylist crazy or is there some truth to her words?


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    Well, I'm fully natural, but I know that stretching for long periods doesn't work for everyone. It sounds to me, though, like there's something else that may be wrong with your routine, since you're breaking below the line of demarcation. What's your current regimen?
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    it's not below, it's after. so on the texturized part.
    i usually wash my hair once a week. after shampooing i use conditioner with a jajaoba hot oil treatment or olive oil, detangle, and i put on a plastic cap and wait approx 30mins to an hour. every 2 weeks i use a reconstructer, im trying the nexxus emergencee right now (although i see no results so far) and i use that BEFORE i condition. i rinse and then comb my hair (a lot of hair comes out at this point cause my hair is so fragile) and i'm staying away from blow dryers for now so i let my hair air dry. for about a month and a half now, i wear my hair clipped up so that i don't have to flat iron it (as often). so i would flat iron anywhere from once a week to once every two weeks if i don't wash my hair every week. when i get home i take the claw clip out of my hair and just pin it up with a bobby pin, not that i gather the hair tightly..its very loose actually when i do that. just being cautious.
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    It kind of sounds like you just don't have the type of hair that can handle chemical and if you're flatironing at all on hair that is already chemically damaged (a texturizer is just a mild relaxer, so your hair is automatically weakened by using one) you could just be doing too much to your hair. The protein and deep conditioning regimen sounds good, but clearly it isn't working to keep your texturized hair from breaking off. Sounds like you're using a fairly heavy protein treatment too that should stop the breakage in its tracks for most people.

    If you were going natural I would suggest protective styles that allow for the protein and deep conditioning treatments until you reached a length where you were comfortable with cutting off the texturized ends. If you're not interested in going natural, if your texturized strands are that damaged that not even the protein treatments are stopping the breakage....I'm not sure how getting a texturizer more often would help too much. When i stopped getting relaxers I found that my relaxed strands seemed to be a lot heavier than my natural/new growth. I had the breakage even while caring for my hair it seemed to break off somewhere in between where the new growth started and the relaxed strands were. Doesn't have to be right at the line, but mine seemed to work itself right up to the line. So when your stylists says its because you aren't getting the texturizer could be true I guess if the texturized strands really are heavier it might help to have the same weight throughout the entire strand. Anything that is heavier on the bottom and lighter on the top has a tendency to be very easily broken off.

    I hope you find a solution to your breakage quick. Best of luck with your hair!
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