how should i style my hair?

savannamontsavannamont Posts: 3Registered Users
okay, so i basically know what products make my hair look its best but i don't know what to do with it. i don't want to wear it down anymore or tie it into a a tall bun. any suggestions?


  • rach97rach97 Posts: 21Registered Users
    maybe do piggy tails or a side pony with a flower clip?
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    The styles I like to wear are a side braid, half up-half down, front sections pulled back in a clip, a ponytail with a small braid in it, side ponytail, or a little poof kind of thing. What I like to do is look up some YouTube tutorials on hairstyles because you can find some really pretty ones there. Hope this has helped!
  • ChikyuuChikyuu Posts: 268Registered Users
    Pulling the sides back and (I'm not sure how to explain this correctly) Poke your fingers under the ponytail between the tie and your head out of the top of your hair, and pull the ponytail part down through the middle? It makes both sides of the ponytail twist inward towards your head.

    A loose side braid with a big fancy clip on the side.

    Wearing your hair down, but pinching a section on each side together, and pinning with a bobby pin and/or fancy clips.

    A pair of low-hanging pigtail braids.

    ... I don't style my hair a lot so that's all the ideas I have XD
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