What sort of curl will my hair be if I texturize it?

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My hair right now is a 3b. When I have hair product in it becomes more like a 3c and I love my hair but I'm struggling to find a hair style I'm comfortable with since when my hair dries it's just big and curly and gets frizzy easily. I don't want to change the products I use because I love using twist sista and paul michael products.
Oh and I used to have my hair thinned out so from the bottom of my hair down it's thinner than the rest

I've uploaded a picture when my hair is damp without product and one when it's dried with product in.

So can anyone tell me what my curl type would be if I texturize it?



  • CaseyGoNaturalCaseyGoNatural Posts: 145Registered Users
    I HIGHLY recommend you NOT texturize your hair, your curls are extremely gorgeous! I am sooo jealous! And believe me once you texturize you're going to miss your natural curls, &since your hair is so long it would take Years to grow out your hair back to that length if you decide you want the natural beautiful curls you were born with again. Also if you do texturize you'll have to get touch ups at least every 2-3 months &that's such a hassle! &if you don't get it re-texturized consistantly you'll get breakage. So please don't do it, they're are people w/ curls a lot looser than yours and they'd die to have your curls &the chemicals in texturizers are soo HORRIBLE for your hair! Also getting a texturizer doesn't mean you won't have frizz, frizz has nothing to do w/ how tight or loose your curls are..

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    I texturize my hair, but I'm a 2, and I have a shag, so it works for me (it takes out the bulk).

    I don't know if it works for type 3s. Your hair is very pretty in its present state, though.
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    Straight and broken off. But I'm biased. I don't like texturizers. I see them as weak relaxers. I texturized my daughter's 4a hair. Used one for kids. Followed the directions. It broke her hair off and made it straight. Had to cut it to shoulder length. She's now transitioning.

    But I will say this... if you do it I would go to a professional. Personally though I think you have beautiful hair and should think twice. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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    It will probably be like a 3a with less frizz and more defined curls. Whatever you decide is your choice :), but honey your hair is GORGEOUS. I think, although you may not want to, that you should try different products. Search around on the 3c forum board. Hope this helps.

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    The way i see it, if you can work with your hair DON'T RUIN IT!!
    I had 4c hair ok, i got it texturized, its breaking now yadda yadda but i also don't have one curly type. my hair is now a bunch of different textures especially when i get a touch up. some areas are wavy/straight, some are in the 3 category, some in the 4 category - it's just all over the place. thats my experience though and i got it done professionally.
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    What products do you use? Your hair is beautiful!

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