Black Friday 2011: What did you end up buying?

adst2nvadst2nv Posts: 215Registered Users I know this is early. But I'm nosy. After looking at the sales, my bank account, and my bathroom cart with products on it...I decided to stick with replenishing my Oyin stock. This is what I plan on buying tonight, God's will:
Shine and Define, 8 oz.
Whipped Pudding 4 oz.
Hair Dew 8 oz.
Whipped Shea butter 4 oz.
2 of the 3 packs of HoneySticks (they're awesome!)

Nothing else. I wanted to try Koils by Nature and Pura Body Naturals, but decided (or rather my wallet) to wait for the next sale. What did you purchase? (awesome!!!)
4b mostly, with some 4a

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  • curlyberrycurlyberry Posts: 549Registered Users's a scary amount, but here goes...

    Oyin Frank Juice
    Oyin Greg juice
    Oyin Hair Dew (sample)
    Oyin Juices n Berries (sample)
    Oyin Sugar Berry Pomade
    KBB Hair Nectar
    KBB Creamylicious
    KBB Butter Love
    KBB Sweet Ambrosia
    KBB Heavenly Jojoba Oil
    Jane Carter Nourish and Shine

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