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I am looking for some recommendations to use on my son's curly hair. We had both been using Garnier Fructis triple moisture and I found out his dad had been using suave's 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner occasionally as well. We had switched to Suave's Ocean Breeze and while I am not having any problems with it(although not sure I like it either), it is causing him to break out into an itchy rash on the back of his neck and chest where it drips down. I would like to find something that we can both use that is good for his sensitive skin. I know the Garnier is ok for him, but it doesn't provide him enough curl. I am also trying to keep our costs on hair products low, similar to the cost of products we had been using, but if a product is worth it, I would consider it.

We both are 3a/3b towards the ends hair type. His hair is finer than mine, but thicker.


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    Those products break out my 4 yr old who has sensitive skin too. Kinky Curly products work well for her hair. Depending on the day her curls range from 2c to 3a/b. She has fine hair with normal to thin density and normal porosity. Other than the great results, I like KC product because a little goes a long way for her hair type. I may need to repurchase the knot today leave in and the curing custard by christmas time, but I last bought them during the summer.

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    We've had great luck with Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditioner, about $9 at Whole Foods for 7 oz (or is it 8 oz?). We've used it for years. I have four 4 curly haired kids--my 3 girls have long hair (waist length) and one bottle lasts them 3 washes. My son cut off his APL hair a while ago, and the bottle lasts him like forever now, lol. My son has uber sensitive skin, allergies and breaks out from just about everything but air and this conditioner is the only one his scalp and skin can tolerate. It doesn't really have much of a scent but what scent it has is pretty much okay, it detangles and moisturizes really well and works well with other products, including the Subbrock recommended Kinky Curly products. The Kinky Curly products that worked well on my girls hair were the Come Clean Shampoo (diluted with water or else it dried out hair), Kinky Curly Knot Today (but only as a detangler while wetting hair in the shower--it never moisturized my girls' hair as a leave-in) and the Kinky Curly Spiral Spritz gel (use to curl up ends of hair when wearing box braids or twists or for my son's spiked curls looks and when he had APL length curls).
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