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Just started using this after tons of does it stank!!!! Haha but it's bearable. Has anyone else used this? What have your results been? Good? Bad? I wanna know! :toothy10:


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    Ok, so I've used this about 3 or 4 times now, and I think it might actually be working...this is weird. My hair is suddenly longer, I feel like it's had a growth spurt! I'll keep using it, and keep reporting the results on this thread (if anyone is interested).
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    Is that a hair oil?
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    Mm kinda. Long story short, it was developed for people in the 1930s, then they saw how fast it made hair grow, so they now use it on horses. But people can still use it since it was originally developed for humans and the ingredients haven't changed.

    Here's a video on it: Growing my hair out fast with Shapley's MTG: review - YouTube

    I got a much smaller bottle on amazon, 6oz I think.
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    I rode horses competitively and most of us have this product for our horses manes & tails. It *DOES* work. I watched a horses tail that got cut off all the way to the tail bone grow down to his hocks in about a year when used everyday. The only thing is that you have to be careful with the can burn your skin when it gets hot and it smells like BBQ sauce....
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    Awesome!!! Good thing I don't go outside much lol.

    Also, now that my hair is growing uber fast, it's starting to look pretty blah. I'm not sure what to do with it anymore. Let it keep growing, re-cut the layers?
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    When I showed my horse competitively, I massaged Shapley's M-T-G in his tail every few days. It smells like a smokey campfire, and it's really greasy, but it works (on horses at least!). I never dared to try it on myself. It should be noted that I also braided my horse's tail and put it in a satin "tail bag" 24/7 which helped with growth.

    While I definitely believe Shapley's works as it promises, I don't think it's worth using on human hair. There are definitely better, prettier smelling methods to grow your hair out. :)
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    I had to chime in on this topic.
    My hair literally stopped growing . I don't mean breakage. You could tell by the roots. From November til early may I had less thn one inch of growth. My hair never grew fast but it never stopped. I ont know why. When you're getting no growth and ur doing everything right it's time to seek some maybe not so mainstream solutions. I googled and found the coo hie cream and the mtg. I saw the reviews on amazon nd the old reviews in the otums . I wen
    Nt to the Shapley site and learned that it was originally for people, was sold and the new opener saw I bigger market in nimble. I found an email response from the owner who stated the above and also that there was nothing in it that could hurt you, however anyone can have a reaction to anything. Yhe company in fact came out with a product for prople maropted as Sula.
    I read a few posts where women said not to get it on your skin I.e neck or ears so you have to wash it off if that happens. I read one poster who said to put it on dmp hair. Bad idea IMO. You get drips on your skin. I' be only read on or two posters who said they got no result. I spent about three weeks researching. I purchased from amazon. I watched ll th utubr videos I could find. When I was sure it wouldn't hurt me unless I had n Lerwick reaction I tied it.

    I pour the stinky stung on to a paper plate, part with my fingers and sppl to my scalp. I do this at night. I then put on pastic cap,then a scarf then another scarf. I hate the smell. When I first tarted using it three weeks ago I would wash it out in the morning, with shampoo ( co washing does not work) I would only do the treatment on nights whenI didn't have to work th next day.
    The next night I'd apply again and was in th am. Urging my first week I did this 5 times I think, from wednesday thru Sunday.
    First let me say I noticed the growth immediately. I know how crazy it sounds. If u don't believe me I get it. I twisted a piece of hair on the left front and when I started it was a half inch from my brow. (I cut ll my hair off in November to start over even though I knew how slow my hair grow). I took that same piece of hair nd measured it on friday or Saturday, 2 or 3 days after I started and it was1/4 in from my brow. O I called my daughter in and bowed her where it was. Either the net day or the day after, that twist was touching my brow. It wasn't longer because one time it was et and another it wasn't. It wasn't longer because it was a different section of hair where myb I had accidentally added more hai to it snd got a false reading. I thought of ll that. It was simply longer.
    I didn't use it the ret of that week. I didn't use it agin until tha week. I didn't measure either until just before I did the treatment this week. While its not the same twist the hair in that area measured past my brow. Yesterday I used a ruler and it's 1/2 inch. That's three weeks growth and I didn't use it for one if those weeks,
    Why did I not use it since it worked so well. I hate the smell. So I came up with a fi. Input a few drops of lemon oil in the amount I'm applying. This doesnt get rid of the smell but greatly reduces it. I can even keep it in the next day as long as I'm not going out. I would never go out with it in my hair.
    Also put it on your scalp not your hair. Give your hair the same good deep condish and leave ins as usual. ( I do this after easing it out, but if I leave it in the next day I will put soothing good in my hair.

    I am old school. I never would have believed nothing would grow your hair. Back in the day they used to say omething called governs mange would grow your hair. It's also sulphur based. I never used it but I smelled it and it stinks.
    There will be lots of people who will say they would never use it. They I'll say it's made for horses. I'm adding a link from hair boutique which I hope addresses ur questions along with the email from shapley. When I went looking for info everything was old so I wanted to update the topic and Los to pay it forward.
    If the spelling is bad I'm typing with one finger on my iPad. Sorry.

    HairTalk®: African American Hair > African American Hair > Shapleys Original Mane-Tail-Groom > Page 1

    And better yet, here's the email from . And I don't work for them.

    Liz forwarded me your email regarding concerns on using Original M-T-G on humans. I understand and appreciate your request for further information regarding human use of Original M-T-G.* Let me begin by giving you a bit of background on the product and company.
    As you already know, Original M-T-G was originally formulated by a barber for use on psoriases, dandruff and dry skin on his customers.* This was in the 1930’s and that product is essentially the same formula that we are currently using.* He also started marketing this formula for use on skin problems for horses.* When he sold the company, the new owners pursued the animal market, where it has remained.*
    During the 14 years that I have owned Shapley’s, I have spoken to several people who have used it successfully to treat skin problems on humans.* Over the years, we have received reports of many others using it with no negative effects.*
    When I was first made aware that people were using it recently for growth purposes, I was interested to see what results they would obtain.* As this has not been our intended market, Shapley’s has not performed any efficacy testing for human hair growth. What I am hearing and reading is that people are getting good growth from using Original M-T-G.* Because of the results I have seen, I have begun to research and develop a product to test for human hair growth.* This, of course, will take time and effort, and any feedback that we can receive will be helpful and appreciated in bringing the best product to the market.
    Shapley’s is very conscientious of what we formulate for animal use and are recognized in the marketplace for using the finest quality ingredients. I can tell you that the current formulation doesn’t contain anything that is known to have detrimental effects on humans or animals, unless it is an allergic reaction.* (The ingredients are petroleum distillates, sulfur, zinc sterate, cade oil and glycerine). As recommended and stated on the bottle, we always suggest performing a patch test for sensitivity on any new product before use.* People have been using it on their animals for almost 70 years with unbelievable success.* The reported negative reaction using Original M-T-G since I have owned the company is less than 1%.**
    As for the frequency of use, because we have not tested it, I can't recommend a routine.* From the information I am receiving, people are using it anywhere from daily to weekly. My advice is that if they are using it frequently as start seeing any negative changes is to decrease the frequency of use.
    I hope this helps to answer some of your concerns. Please let me know if you have any questions, concerns or feedback.* I will be happy to answer them to the best of my knowledge and ability.
    Best regards,
    Cindy S. Carfore
    President, Shapley, Ltd.
    11650 Chitwood Dr.
    Fort Myers,* FL* 33908
    Phone: 239-415-2275
    Toll Free: 800-982-2017
    Fax: 239-415-2277
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