what to wear under mineral makeup if you're oily?

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For oily, acne-prone mineral makeup lovers, do you use moisturizer or sunscreen or primer underneath? I like mineral makeup because I am too lazy and time-strapped to make liquid foundation look good. BUT it doesn't seem to work well on my bare skin. It doesn't cover well, doesn't look smooth, doesn't look like part of my skin... I know this is partly because I need to change my skincare routine, and I'm planning on buying products recommended by RCW soon. BUT I also don't want to get something that's going to make me cloggy. So do I need to get something to prime or moisturize?
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    i can't remember what thread it's in but there is some discussion on this. i like the anti-shine product by makeup artist choice (online only and they're doing a 20% off sale). it's excellent. i buy the dark for my skin tone but it keeps me from getting oily, doesn't cause breakouts and it acts as primer. check it out.
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