Is sew-in's a protective style

BlackBerry89BlackBerry89 Posts: 13Registered Users
I read that sew-in's are a protective style BUT I remember learning awhile ago the thread cuts the hair & actually stops the growth of hair. Weird coming from a weave queen, but before becoming natural I didnt care about my own hair at all. So now im extra careful =/

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  • ShondadiniShondadini Posts: 205Registered Users
    Yes they are protective styles because of the low manipulation on your hair. But keep in mind any ps can turn ugly if done improperly or without care to your hair. Take braided styles for instance especially micros, if they are styled too tightly they may rip you're hairline out. Same with something like wearing a too tight bun can cause breakage.
    Just remember low tension and good technique like using a hair net for a sew in or having a straight back braid patten that evens out weft weight can b helpful in protecting your hair in this ps.
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    If you take care of the hair(your own)underneath then It can be

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  • BlackBerry89BlackBerry89 Posts: 13Registered Users
    Ok I understand. Thanks

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