3, even 4 day hair?

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My hair seems to be curliest on the 3rd of 4th day, and I find that odd since my hair pretty lazy with curling. Like, if I let my hair air-dry (takes like 4-5 hours lol) it'll be almost straight. Then I put products in it and it curls somewhat, then I do it again the next day, and it seems to help. Though my hair can get a bit crunchy.

Also, I think my hair is changing texture yet again. Can anyone help me with this? These days when I put oil on my roots, my hair seems to absorb it and my scalp isn't even oily! Yet, about 2+ months ago when I put oil on my roots, it took me 3 washes to get it out. *I hope this means my hair is growing back in curly again* (used to be 3b).


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    For me, second day hair is the best although I can get good third and sometimes fourth if I put my hair up in a sleep bonnet each time. If I just pineapple, it doesn't turn out as good as if it was in the bonnet.

    As for the second paragraph, I think what's going on is your hair reacts to things, like the oil, differently during the winter/summer months.

    I've noticed this with my conditioner. Back in July, I tried it as a LI. My hair was WAY too soft and the curls were very limp. I had to make sure it was completely rinsed out in order to get bouncy curls. Now, however is a different story! I tried leaving it in again and my hair loves it! I don't even rinse it out anymore. After I let it sit for several minutes, I just give my hair a very quick spray with cold water to wet it down and then I style as usual.

    I've even noticed that I don't need as much product during the winter months as I do in the summer.
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    Ahh yeah maybe it is b/c it's winter now...although it's been strangely mild here (60s/50s/40s) for this time of year. And yeah my hair is better when I put it up at night, though I always have to wet it down everyday regardless -_-

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