Lotion and body wash for very itchy skin

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I need some recommendations please!
My skin is always so itchy and I need a good lotion and body wash. :)
I wish I could use all the pretty smelling body washes but I think they'd only irritate me. Also, what about a good shaving cream?
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    I have the same issue and I have done beautifully with Hugo Naturals. I get it at Whole Foods on online places like this:
    hugo natural - Vitacost

    The Shea Butter and Oatmeal is great. The Lavender and Orange Vanilla smell delish!
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    Also, vitacost has just begun carrying Everyday Shea products which are non-irritating:
    everyday shea - Vitacost

    I have only used the vanilla and unscented adult products and the unscented kids' products because I hate lavender but I am happy with them otherwise. I add oils to the body lotion in the winter for a little extra oomph.
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    I used to have extremely itchy, sensitive skin. My doctor recommended cetaphil and it cleared up very quickly. I no longer have to use it and have what would be classified as "normal" skin.
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    Have u ever tried bathing with natural loofa ?
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    You might try a good exfoliating to begin with, either by way of a loofah, plain sugar scrub, etc. That would get dead flakes off that are drying out out, and contributing to itching, and preventing any simple lotions or creams from working. You'd be surprised at what a difference this can make, plus the skin will feel smoother too.
    You're quite right in sensing about the highly-fragranced body washes(and lotions) out there - fragrance is one of the most common culprits in itchy skin, as well as the fact that extreme dryness can make skin itch too. That's because the skin barrier is compromised, as well as any natural tendency toward sensitivity to begin with. I can't wear heavily-scented lotions either - I get awfully itchy if I do. Over the last few years all I do is use extra-virgin coconut oil on my body, and for a special treat, my shea butter-coconut oil body butter that has just a touch of lavender essential oil in it. For my wash, I use the Shikai shower gel that has colloidal oatmeal in it(another skin soother). It's also soap-free, very important in caring for dry itchy skin. A lot of the shower gels out there are very drying, but the Shikai is not. Although it has fragrance it's VERY light and doesn't bother my skin at all. I have the one in Gardenia. If that's still too much for your skin, pick a soap-free, fragrance-free wash - I'm sure they're out there. You're wise to keep products bland and simple. However, if you want to go the drugstore route, either Cetaphil or CeraVe creams are excellent. They come in big jars, and can be used either on body or face. I've been using the Cetaphil Cream as my main daytime moisturizer. The latter, CeraVe works directly on the skin barrier to repair it. Often, very itchy skin is due to skin being so dry that the barrier is compromised. I use the CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser on my face - it's sulfate-free. That's another thing to watch out for - not all soap-free cleansers are sulfate-free. My skin doesn't like sulfates, I found out a couple of months ago and I was recommended this cleanser for face. Another CeraVe product I use on face is the CeraVe AM SPF 30 to cover my sunblock needs. I layer that over the Cetaphil Cream and it works great for me. But for body, the simpler products really do work! Hope this helps!
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    I've been using Nourish Organics (online) coconut wash and haven't needed lotion at all for my very dry skin.
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    I have had the same problem. You have to make certain you rinse all shampoo off your back and body. I use cetaphil. It works great, and I use the cetaphil lotion and apply it really well on my back and body using a bodybuddy lotion applicator. I was glad when I found out about it..before I couldnt reach everywhere on my back to really rub in the lotion. Hope this helps.
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    I have really dry itchy skin with eczema. I lotion head to toe after every shower then lotion during the day as needed. I've tried all types of lotion and Suave Advanced skin therapy is my favorite. I use different lotions on my hands, feet and face. Love CeraVe cream but not all over.
    I've been using grapeseed oil on damp skin, head to toe, and it's nice. Not to oily or thick.

    A filter on my shower made a big difference. The chlorine in the water really dries out the skin and irritates it too.

    A humidifier in your room can help. But cleaning one daily is a pain.

    a high quality fish oil supplement can help

    Use a detergent like Tide Free and do an extra rinse to make sure everything comes out.

    When I really itch and nothing helps (antihistamines, oatmeal, cortisone, etc), I take ice packs and apply directly to the skin...ice bath if it's all over. (Itching can be a side effect of some of my meds)
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    Dreamwash from LUSH is supposed to be practically a miracle healer. You can get it online.

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    I think if all of u use natural loofah with organic soap or gel followed by applying camomile tea with a cotton n sealing with evoo ur all skin problems will be gone, just give it a try.
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    I use Shikai Vanilla body wash. It is sulfate free.

    For lotion, I love Jergens Shea butter lotion. It works amazingly for a cheap price.

    As for shaving cream, nothing beats Coochy cream!
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    I use Vanicream. They makes a soap bar with lotion I use in the shower that works well. Then for body Amlactin lotion or Vanicream. For face I use straight up vaseline. I have eczema issues and that is the only thing I havent reacted to.

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    Has anyone used Aveeno products? I keep thinking about them but they are expensive.
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    Yardley Oatmeal soap works well for itchy skin and I like Aveeno also. A friend who suffered from Psoriasis liked Dove...

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