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notoriousnotorious Posts: 7Registered Users
Hey Everyone,

I have 3C hair that is neck-length...I'm wonder what the best tool is to use to detangle...a brush, comb, or pick? I've been using a comb, but I'm wondering if it's too harsh on my head. I feel like I'm raking my head because my hair is so thick. Also, for years I've had a problem with my hair losing it's shape throughout the day...I section it off and saturate it with product, but as it dries it becomes mis-shaped, especially when I have on a jacket or something that rubs against looks short and triangle-like. Do you have any suggestions for this? I can never get my hair to dry the same way two days in a row! I'd appreciate any tips. Thank you!


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    You should really try detangling it when it has pleanty of conditioner and with a wide tooth comb. It's easiest if you part it into fours a braid the part thats already untangled. Hope this helps :)
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    I definitely agree with using tons of conditioner. I prefer my paddle brush though. It seems to detangle more quickly. Especially since I have no patience!
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    I like to detangle in the shower with loads of conditioner and a denman brush. I find this is the easiest way for me.

    If I'm inbetween washes and need to detangle, I will wet my hair with water using a spray bottle, add a bit of conditioner and get to work with the Denman
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    I use a denman brush - not sure what no.

    But I know it ain't a d3 which a lot of ppl recommend for type 3 hair.

    I'm going to splurge & get myself a denman d3 brush for Chrissie
  • notoriousnotorious Posts: 7Registered Users
    One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to fix my hair. I get triangle head/mis-shapen hair, and my routine is not very efficient. I section my hair in several layers, saturate it with water, put in my product, then diffuse, and it takes forever. I know I need to make sure I'm getting all of the hair saturated, but is there an easier way to do this? When I section my hair off I put some up in a pony tail, fix a layer, then let some more down, fix that layer, and on and on. It's really tedious and not always effective. I just need to get down a good routine.

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