3B recovering from keratin

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Hi there! I think I'm a 3B with very thick hair, curly my whole life until about a year ago.

I'm struggling right now. I did the keratin straightening treatment twice last year, and while I liked the results, I couldn't afford to keep it up (at $300+ a pop).

Unfortunately keeping this straight look took a huge toll on my hair, which is now dry and damaged. It's medium length, with the ends (about 3") straight from the treatment, and the rest returning to curly. I have had to constantly straighten it to make it look even remotely tidy. Meanwhile the ends are getting more and more processed...

I was waiting for it to grow out so I can go 'back' to curly., but I'm getting frustrated now, as it won't straighten well and won't curl and is dry, frizzy and generally a mess. I'm in hair limbo! I look like an '80s rock star.

I am thinking of biting the bullet and just cutting off all the straight that's left, going with a short cut and letting it grow out (and following the CG system -- book is ordered!). But I've never, ever had a good short curly cut -- the thickness of my hair makes it just poof out rather than curl nicely.

I have a good stylist, but live in a small town, so not sure about her curly hair training.

Any advice?


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    I think you might be best off just cutting the straightened part off; it will probably never recover to health after what it's been through.

    You can check our list of salons to find a curl expert in your area.

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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