My hair is so thick =\

kinkycurlz101kinkycurlz101 Posts: 1Registered Users
its been about a yr since i've gone natural and i have about 4 different textures n it's driving me crazy! I had alopecia at one point n since then the hair that has grown back is the nicest thing ever T__T. i have lose curls, wavy hair, kinky curls and course hair at my crown and its so much to care for. I can't find any products that tame my hair or stretch my curls out enough so it doesn't look a mess. I also live on an island so finding products is that much harder as shipping them would take forever n is very costly.


  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    I have 3 different textures I'm straightening it until it gets long enough to stay down but try doing a braid out or roller set

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