found Knot Today alternative at dollar store

boingboingboingboing Posts: 120Registered Users
i was searching around the dollar store looking at coditioners i spotted this one called fruitamin it has no cones heres some ingre: soy protien,olive extract,sandalwood extract,bark exract, wheat protien, glycerin, woooow i just but a dab on my hair and the slip factor was just as good if not better than the knot today and provided moisture and for 24oz for a dollar i wonder if it will play well with eco?? its thin but not a thick white texture


  • curlybrancurlybran Posts: 510Registered Users
    We have family dollar and dollar general here... Wich 1?

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  • boingboingboingboing Posts: 120Registered Users
    sorry that would be the dollar tree
  • PrettycurlsPrettycurls Posts: 1,482Registered Users
    Thanks for passing this along! I wanted to try kinky curly, but an affordable alternative I def will try.
  • SeminoleSeminole Posts: 100Registered Users
    Dollar Tree is infamous for one time shipments. Unless you've seen it before, they may never get it again once it sells out. I'm still going to look though.

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  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users
    I was using Tresemme Naturals conditioner instead of Knot Today, but then realized that Suave Naturals Coconut has great slip and is even cheaper (Big bottle for under $3).