3 years natural *pics

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just wanted to share my journey... My hair has come a long way, and I have learned many lessons... The biggest one was all I need for my hair is conditioner and V05 for .85 works just fine lol.. Its a styler conditioner and shampoo in one...


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    Congratulations on 3 years!!! :iconbiggrin: I wish my hair regime was that simple. I'm working on it though.
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    Congrats on your 3 year mark....It's a beautiful thing!:toothy4:
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    That is great. I made my 3 years in october. Didnt really take care of my hair the first year. I like vo5 too but TJ nourish and spa is my fav rinse out and leave in
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    Wow that's nice..I've never permed\relaxed my hair so idk if I should count this yr since 2011 is when I wore more natural stlyes and got it straightened less and didn't use box braids b\c it broke my hair off...but this yr is when my hair finally grew.and its finally the longest I can remember,shoulder length

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    Congrats on the three year anniversary :) I can't wait to get there.
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    Congrats! I'll be 3 years in April. :) I'm excited.
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    I'll be at three years next month. The best thing I've done is simplify my regimen and only wear out styles on occasion. This reduces the urge to texlax and keeps my hair healthy.
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  • SilverAngel45SilverAngel45 Posts: 244Registered Users
    Thanks guys! I'll have to check out the TJ Nourish and Spa
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    I'll be 3 years natural next month. Check out my You Tube for more pics. :)
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    SilverAngel45 & Cysyca Congratulations. :blob3: 3 years is to be commended. Your hair looks awesome. :)
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    Congrats to you both!!!!
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    Congrats on 3 years! Can't wait till next year for my three year anniversary! My regimen isn't as simple as yours but it's a work in progress :D
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    Congrats! Your hair is gorgeous!!
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