help with new bob cut!

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Hi! I have pretty thin curly hair that I've been trying to grow out for awhile, but it never looks right, so I decided to cut it off. So now I have a bob which is supercute but I'm having trouble figuring out how to wear it most days. I tried wearing it curly but my top layer is like ringlets and the bottom layer was really straight so it looked pretty weird. I'd love if i could get it wavy- does anyone have any products or technique tips?? Again, it's pretty thin, so I don't want anything too weighty...Thanks!!


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    My hair is fine and low porosity. I use minute amounts of really rich products--and they don't weigh my hair down, at all. I do at least one PT a week and use a lot of products with protein. It really helps tighten curl and reduce frizz.

    I have to be careful with how my inverted bob is cut. If the angle is too extreme, my hair looks "stringy." When I was younger, my hair was dense; however, thyroid and medication have really thinned it.

    I started on as a winter wavy/summer 3a. My stylist of 30 years never thought my hair would curl when he cut the stack so short--but it does! It's about the product and technique I've learned here! Now my hair looks like my signature picture all year around.
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