Organix Coconut Milk Products?

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My hair has been dry for what seems the longest time. I'm growing out the damage from previous highlighting/color processing, which I haven't done for 7 months now. I've been using DevaCurl Low-Poo and the conditioner since June. I usually need to use the Heaven in Hair one though if I'm having particularly bad tangles - which is often. From the reading I've been doing on here, I figured my hair was craving protein so I bought a sample size of the Organix Coconut Milk conditioner this past weekend. It made quite a difference! My hair is almost always tangled and rough at the end of the day. It's not perfect yet as I've only used it twice, but my curls clump better, look more defined, and seem smoother. Let's just say my hair hasn't looked this healthy in months.
The one thing I'm worried about is the ingredients - I'm happy it's sulfate free, but I noticed it contains dimethicone. I was really trying to stay away from cones as much as possible, but I also read that it's water-soluble? I have to say though, if it's giving my hair relief, I'm not going to stop using it. I was just curious if using this product could have negative effects with long-term usage. Thanks!
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    Ok, if the dimethicone has "ppg" or "peg" before it, it is water soluble. If it just says dimethicone, it is not.

    Cg doesn't work for everyone, and some people have very little trouble with cones. You have to be sure you are using a shampoo that will remove the cones, however. I'm pretty sure Organix shampoos will, but are still sulfate free. I use Organix Shea shampoo as a low-poo sometimes, and it has coco betaine, which should remove cones. Some people still find they need to do sulfate poos once every week or so to really keep the build up from happening.

    The problem with conditioners with cones is that they work GREAT in the short term, but you have to use harsher detergents to remove them. It's that cycle that causes the problem. If you don't fully remove them, they can build up on you and make you hair limp, or frizzy, or dried out.

    Since curly hair tends to be dry anyhow, and sometimes tends to be damage prone (and if you add processing over that), most curlies tend to feel they do better without the cones and the cycle of removing them.

    Cones make my hair feel wonderful! And it behaves well, too - but in the short term. But it won't take long before I'm paying for them.

    But everyone's different!
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    Not a fan of the organix shampoos or conditioners, I get alot of shedding and no slip. Stay away from the condish if your strictly going CG. However, their coconut mousse over suave naturals coconut during the summer, left WONDERFUL clumps, no crunch, smooth as silk and little frizz, (avoid on humid days and switch to gel). I might return to this next summer...
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