Hair Shedding

wavycurlyria_87wavycurlyria_87 Posts: 78Registered Users
I noticed what seemed to be a lot of hair that shedded after I washed and detangled my hair in the shower.

So, does anyone know what's normal for hair shedding? How much does hair shed a day?

I could be making a big deal out of this being that I'm starting to wash my hair about once a week now, so it just seems like a lot. I know with curly hair, our hair doesn't necessarily fall out on it's own like straight or loose wavy hair, it gets locked up in there until it's detangled.


  • wavycurlyria_87wavycurlyria_87 Posts: 78Registered Users
    Nvm.. it's probably normal. lol I can't figure out how to delete this though.
  • neens86neens86 Posts: 34Registered Users
    I was wondering the same thing. I feel like ever since I stopped using sulfate shampoos I shed way more than I used to. I have no idea what is the normal amount, but mine adds up to alot because I shed during detangling, shampooing (non-sulfate), conditioning, and styling. It's too much!!

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    I notice I seem to lose less hair when I detangle with a spray bottle & comb outside of the shower. It's more comfortable & I'm less in a hurry because I'm ready to get out. Plus I can take breaks when I get impatient & I'm able to sit in front of a mirror. I rinse when I get in the shower though.

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  • wavycurlyria_87wavycurlyria_87 Posts: 78Registered Users
    .. but then I realize you shed about 100 strands per day. So, what really seems to be a lot in the shower for me.. really isn't a lot. Being that I'm starting to only wash my hair about once a week now compared to when I would co-wash or shampoo wash (sulfate free) a few to a couple times a week.

    I think maybe sometimes we make a big deal about hair shedding when in reality curly hair doesn't shed the same as straight. Ours get tangled in our hair. :-)
  • MuriMuri Posts: 12Registered Users
    Yeah, I think it also may be because curly hair just looks thicker when it's in the shower drain 'coz it clumps into a ball. At least it does to me :-?
  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    well if you shed 100-150 strands a day, and if your hairs longer, then itll look like its more, n if you dont de tangle every day, but every other day rather, then when you do de tangle, then its gonna look like a lot more, but i dont think you need to worry bout it :)

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