Greasy Feeling Hair?

nattykinsnattykins Registered Users Posts: 14
Just a simple question about CG Co-washing -

Once your hair/scalp has evened out with oil production, and your hair looks all nice and shiny (hopefully!), does it feel greasy?

Thanks :)
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  • theliothelio Registered Users Posts: 5,374
    not mine. i never went through a greasy feel period.

    my hair getts an oily feel when i use to much oil or butter.
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435
    Ditto, though I never really went through a readjustment period or I just didn't really notice it, the only time my hair feels greasy is it I use too much oil.. But even then, my hair eventually soaks it up or I can CO wash it out (I know, seems counterintuitive but it works with my conditioner).
    if your hair feels oily you can:
    - drizzle cornstarch (light hair) or cinnamon (dark hair) to soak up the excess oil then brush it out.
    - do CO washing with bs/acv rinses and/or sulfate free shampoos
    - master some updos for bad hair days
    - wait it out
    - try different products
    - tea rinses kind of leave a drying effect on my hair

    Good luck!

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