New and Transitioning?????

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Hey Im new to this site, Im not even sure Im posting in the right place. But I am transitioning, I am two months post, (would have been 5 months but I fell off the wagon in september). And I have a little over 2 inches of growth. But the good news is that I stopped getting relaxers after literally my second one. Started to transition after the first but like I said i fell of the wagon. Um, what I actually wanted was some help with how to care for my hair while it is transitioning. And I will be in for a long transition because I have always had long hair and I cant bear to part with it. Also if you guys could tell me some of ur stories that wud be awesome. I wud love to read it for inspiration. Thanks :hello2:


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    Welcome CurlyKayKay - there are plenty of good stories, past and still unfolding, on the various threads here.

    Good luck with your transition and hope to see you around.
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    Welcome to our community! We're so glad you've joined us.

    Yes, please poke around on the various threads; you will find lots of great information and stories!

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    You are beautiful!

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