Newbie, so happy to have found this site!

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Hi everyone!
I am so happy to have finally found a community of curly girls! I am mixed, black and white, but grew up with the white side of my family and from a young age I have been embarrassed of my curls. No one in my family knew how to take care of/control them, so, I, like many others, got addicted to relaxers and flat irons.
My epiphany came recently when I realized that I did not want my 9month old daughter (who also has a head of black curls that I absolutely love) to see mommy always straightening her curls out and end up thinking her curls aren't beautiful. I want her to love herself for how she was made, so I think that I should model that by loving myself the way I was made. Anyways, this will be a long, frustrating, and healing journey and I am so glad to feel as though I have a community to relate to.
Peace & Love,


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    Welcome; we're so glad to have you!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!

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