Using the Curl Junkie sample pouch

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On a whim, I decided to buy the Curl Junkie styling sample pouch. It includes CCCC, CCCC Lite, H&B Honey Butta, Curl Queen, Curls in a Bottle!, Aloe Fix, and Aloe Fix Lite. The problem is, I'm not sure which combinations of products I should be trying! I'm looking for frizz fighting power and curl enhancement, because my hair is particularly lazy. I also live in Chicago, so I have to fight those low dew points.

Any advice on which products go together particularly well, *or* which ones to avoid?
Keeping it simple so far...
Shampoo/Condish: Deva Care No-Poo, Wella Brilliance Conditioner for Colored Hair
Currently trying: Deva Ultra Defining Gel