Bun for bobs?

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So, after a year of short hair, I am sick of the lack of options (some mornings I just wish I could do a quick side pony). It's in a-line, front is chin length. With the cold and wind coming, I would like to protect it. Any ideas?
So..um...I kinda fell off the CG wagon. I got sick of long curly hair about 6 months ago. I currently have a short a-line, which I flat iron, although I also wear it wavy sometimes. I still use sulfate-free poos (I'm madly in love with the Bodyshop's rainforest moisture) and silicone free conditioners.
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    What is the length in back? What is your hair type? When mine was a little longer than chin length (all the way around), I was able to get it into a small ponytail. You can do a half-up bun. Take the front half of your hair and twist it into a cinnamon bun. Wrap a ponytail holder around it or secure it with a barrette.

    I always try to keep my hair at least at below chin-length so I have options for bad hair days. There are still very limited options until you get to shoulder-length! You hair will grow faster than you think!
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