Mane n tail?

CurlyJellyCurlyJelly Posts: 29Registered Users
Your mane n tail experiences please?? :D By the way if you decide to post please list your hair type


  • canadiancurlywurlycanadiancurlywurly Posts: 34Registered Users
    I used Mane N Tail hair strengthener for about 6 months last year. I didn't really find it did anything special for my hair either. The scent is something to be desired as well. I have never used the shampoo or any other product in the line so maybe that would make a difference?
    I have since stopped using it and switched to another product that I like better.
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    Not CG just doing what works for me :toothy7:
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    I've used the shampoo and conditioner. I think the stuff made my hair fall out. I'm serious. It left like a coating on my hair and made it feel plasticy. Around the time I began using it, I started noticing more lost hair than usual. More hair in the bathtub after my bath and more on my combs. It wasn't alarming but definitely more than usual. It may be purely a coincidence, but after about 2 weeks when I finally gave up on Mane N' Tail, the hair loss was greatly reduced. I still see more strands than usual here and there, but not like before when there were like 10-15 strands on the tub floor.
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    I use Mane and Tail when my hair needs a good dose of protein. I really like the way it makes my hair strong and shiney. It can get too coaty and gunky feeling if I use it too often or when my hair does not need it.
  • CurlyJellyCurlyJelly Posts: 29Registered Users
    Mane n tail isn't that hydrating but I have yet to see results so we"ll see if it's worth it

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