How to flat iron hair yourself like a salon

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I usually get mine done by someone else b\c I never get it as silky..if I do it its big and straight it looks like a person with really frizzy straight hair...they sometimes use a pressing comb but that's only for the do I flat iron it myself when it doesn't have a relaxer?

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    I think a major contribution to keeping hair straight and avoiding frizz is the product you put on it prior to straightening and the type of flat iron. I really like Kevin Murphy's Born.Again serum. It just takes a tiny bit and it smooths hair out and makes it super shiny! And then I use a titanium coated flat iron (U-Smooth). Titanium distributes heat better and emits more ions which helps with split ends.

    Use these steps to straighten your hair so that it stays smooth all day! Hairstyle and Flat Iron Tips and Tools: How to Straighten Your Hair with a Flat Iron

    Thanks I'll try it so something it like a straightening or smoothing balm?

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    So I'm going to give you a play by play of what I do to get my results. My hair is always shiny and soft and has plenty of swang lol:

    I wash my hair thoroughly using a sulfate shampoo to get it squeeky clean.

    I then use conditioner to detangle

    I then DC it (protein once a month and moisture every other time)

    Out of the shower i mix lacio lacio and a tiny drop of biosilk silk infusion in my hands and apply it to a section of my hair, detangle it with my denman and plait it.

    I allow my hair to dry to 95% dry then spray tressemme heat protectant section by section and blowdry section by section using my denman

    I then take small sections and apply a little bit of ultrasheen satin creme press to the ends of my hair and brush it through using a boar bristle brush

    I then do the brush chase method using my boar bristle brush

    I flat iron my hair using a babyliss pro nano titanium 1" flat iron (the one with the long plates)

    I flat iron at under 400 F and always have super straight shiny hair. The ultrasheen helps me to get really shiny hair and gets my ends straight and allows me to use less heat to get great results.

    When done my hair is also moisturized and needs nothing for a week. At around the one week mark if i plan to keep it straight I use herbal essences split end protector on my ends only

    I also wrap my hair at nights


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