Protective Styles for growth

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I can admit i didn't expect much growth. My friend challenged me to get my hair cornrowed and pay for it and i did and had the lady do just the front and left the back curly and twa bushy. Just took the cornrows in the front out and had a major growth difference between front and back. will post better pics as soon as i can. But i am shocked and very pleased! and now i am desperately trying to find an affordable braider so this growth can even out. Braids plus normal vitamins and biotin and scalp massages i can say i've seen the most growth i've seen in this hair journey. Def can't wait to even it up. And I am now a bigger believer of protective styling and braiding for growth

Last Relaxer-March 2011
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When you get the choice to sit out or dance, I hope you dance <3

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Tons of whirls and curls and coils on my head. My hair's sometimes my best friend and other times we're at odds. But either way it's curls to the end. No need for a relaxer cause there's no reason to stress, my tresses are at their best

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