My hair doesn't like to work the next day

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Okay, so when I wash my hair one night and try to wear it the next day to school, I can wear it down with no problem. It works fine. (Usually on this first night i just leave it down at night and kind of spread it out on my pillow so I don't smush it too much)

But then the NEXT night, my hair
1) gets really frizzy
2) puffs out

If I leave it down when i go to sleep like I did the first night, it gets super frizzy and kinda flat. If I pineapple it, it gets frizzy and then puffs out a lot. It sort of molds to the shape of the pineapple so it doesn't like to to stay anywhere near the side of my head.

Here's my routine in case I'm doing something wrong:

I have 2b/2c hair and I've been using Deva No-Poo and One Condition (sometimes I'll use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner). I usually wash my hair every two to three days (4 is my maximum because i try to time my washings with the days I don't have gym in school and sometimes it doesn't really work out in two or three days). After I'm done showering and washing my hair, I use a mix of AnGel and Mirror Curls (I'm pretty sure I got the names right) and scrunch my hair, leaving in some clips afterwards to give it shape. I try not to dry my hair too much and when I do it's with a t-shirt right after I gel.

I know there's probably a lot of threads here for second/third day hair, but none really seem to help me much. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO!!!!! Pleeeeease help me pleeeeeease!


  • helpmycurlhelpmycurl Posts: 19Registered Users
    i havent found the cure to getting second day hair either. When or if you do I would love it if you would kindly let me know
  • bbunnycurliesbbunnycurlies Posts: 40Registered Users
    Look up on YouTube Waterlily716's video on 2nd day hair and her method for sleeping on her curls. Hope it helps :)
  • curlybrancurlybran Posts: 510Registered Users
    It's all about mastering what works for you.... Some 2nd day things work for some but not others.... Have u tried pulling it up to sleep?

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