Twa frizz! )=

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Im so new at this. A little about me: I recently BC'd about a month ago. I transitioned 4 about 5-6 months. Right now I am battling I think what all naturals HATE... FRIZZ! It's like I have no curl definition whatsoever! I'm pretty sure my hair is 4a, maybe 3c. I only have a strand here & there that's defined. It's corkscrew-like. But even those strands has alot of frizz.. Ok, Ik that everyone who's gonna give me advice are going to say, what products work for me.. BUT I have no product thus far that works.. I recently use, Shea Moistures' Leave-In, & her shampoo.. I use ECO styler Gel and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil. I use other products here and there. But I would'nt say they are my main.. But I still have FRIZZ!! My question is... What products could I start with that'll help with FRIZZ for a TWA. HEEEEELP!


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    Hi NyckiPoo,

    It is SO difficult for curlies to find that one miracle product that eliminates frizz. Frizz is the result of your hair's lack of hydration - and a lot of time, there isn't much a single product can do.

    Your regimen is what really matters here. Are you deep conditioning at least once a week (maybe even twice if you live in a colder area)? How often are you shampooing? Are you co-washing? What styles do you normally wear? Are you using a silk bonnet or pillow case? What do you towel dry your hair with?

    Once we get these out of the way, we can focus on what it is exactly that is causing the frizz - and then make it go away!
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    The topic of frizz honestly gives me mixed feelings. Recently I was tempted to delete some of the pics in my album because of my third day frizzle frazzle. But then I stopped and told myself it's just my hair being it's wild and independent self. It's just not that serious.

    Anyway, if someone's frizz can't be "cured", or if it CAN only be "cured" - temporarily, of course - by chasing down some exotic combo of hair tonics, maybe the message is frizz is to some extent natural and something to be accepted as a natural expression of some ppl's curly (and wavy) hair. If it takes so very much work to "tame" it, maybe it wasn't meant to be tamed so very much.

    As for dryness: can walk outside with a healthy, soft head of curls, a wind comes along and w/in a couple seconds ... bam! The hair will do as it will. It's one of the reasons I love curly hair :love7:

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